Let’s Shelve This For Later

Oh lord. So I’ve been on something of a hiatus. I blame all the wedding planning! Yes, I’m engaged and planning a wedding, but to be honest I’ve actually been very organised and on top of it all – so it’s not much of an excuse. I suppose it was difficult to keep up with finding cool book things – but that’s possibly just because I got a little bit lazy. No matter! I do have something now. This one is a little impractical, as it’s located in the UK, and it looks a little difficult to get international shipping – but the idea has been planted (haha INCEPTION) and with a little forethought and planning, I would venture that it’s quite possible to make these yourself. Without further ado:

I’m the type of person who loves walking into my house and seeing my bookshelves crammed with books – yeah, like 2m high and overflowing. It makes me giddy all over. Some may prefer a little more ‘art nouveau’ in the home (am I using that right?) or find tall crammed bookshelves a little bit too… Flourish and Blotts. What I like about this, is that it serves the purpose of holding your books, but turns them into a type of home decor, like art pieces on the wall. Look!

Aren’t they the cutest? They’re called ‘Baroque Bookshelves‘ and I am totally hanging out for one. The site reassures me that each shelf is open at the side, and that, of course, they look best when you have multiple shelves mounted together.

Do you think I could add them to the wedding registry…?


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